But Mr James Oshe changed it to GBOYEGA OLUFEHINTI BENSON 

Others even call me BOYEGA OLUFENTI BENSON 

Thank God all still ended with BENSON. 


I am the boy who was never christened BIDEMI 

Even though PAPA wasn't around when MAMA gave birth to me 

That was coz daddy went on a journey 

To fetch home some needful money. 


I do accompany MAAMI to the market 

Coz even at six, I had no target 

And I often consume plenty roasted corn 

All coz I was the last born. 


At age seven, I found my way to basic school 

Since the Home-Alone situation was no longer cool 

I never enjoyed the company of my then class mates 

Simply because they weren't my age mates. 


I do play around the street while in good mood 

ENIOLA, IDOWU, TOPE, OLAJINDE and AYO LOMBE were all in my hood 

Then OGUNLEYE surfaced as a new friend 

So, crossing to the down street became a new trend. 


KEHINDE, FRIDAY, BIDEMI and MONDAY were all in my class 

And we have in our midst a group of pretty lass 

No wonder walking home from school was always tireless 

Even when things we discussed were sometimes baseless. 


Mr EKUNDAYO isolated me from this friendship group 

And then, I formed a standard troupe 

Where HASSAN, ADE, YETUNDE and RAMAT were loyal members 

And before I knew it, we doubled the initial numbers. 


The university isn't a fun-catching juncture 

But a place to strengthen one's future 

Thank God JAGO, RANKY, OROBO, SAMY, MAYOR and SILVER made themselves available 

Thereby making my visions achievable. 


There was the need to obey the clarion call 

Then I found myself at MANGU Hall 

The breeze alone got me amnesia 

Thank God I wasn't diagnosed  of Pneumonia 


PETER the psychologist would go on to prove mental theories 

Common headache to him, has a theory 

Meeting HEALING JONAH wasn't by choice but coincidence 

Else, I would have had a lot to battle with my conscience. 


FUNMI, SUSAN, DONALD, IFY and VINCENT were all in my P. P. A 

Even though we've never been to B. B. A 

Doctor OSAZE was my corper colleague 

Though we didn't belong to the same professional league. 


Ten plus seven makes it seventeen 

It's no longer news that we are in year twenty-seventeen 

Twenty-seventeen divided by one-seventeen gives u a number 

Add ten minus two to the gotten number 

I bet you would get twenty-something number. 


Because it's my born-day 

So, I decided to make it a poetry-day. 




I was that little boy

Who,waving after planes ✈ gives him joy.


Yes.. My eyes 👀 have seen

many events that could make a movie scene.


Hey! Look at me, I've once feed

from the pot of greed.


But lo, I am now determined

Coz, just like Socrates, my life has been examined.


I will surface with great tact.

I'm not going to appear like a fart

that messes around and disappear just like that.


In good turns, I will come

In fact... In quadruple

For I have sucked determination's nipple Very quickly .... I will surely come.

POLITICS....... 'a call to service' it should be

don't leave politics for tyrant Fayo

Nor the axe man known as Dino. 

Don't leave politics for baba Iyabo

Who always want to dictate on every kobo.

Don't leave politics for clueless saybaba

Nor the traitor Bukky from kwara.

Don't leave politics for PDPigs

For they've eaten the nation big.

Do not leave politics for liars and fools

don't let them eat off the nation's purse

else we'd have to eat their smelly stools

when they've looted us off-course!






We want the truth with our lips

Yet, flog the truthful with our lips.

We say we abhor lies and deception,

but one must spew lie to get reception.


Politicians made us wallow in poverty

While they sit and invest on property.

They dish out monies once it's election time

And we all follow for we don't have a dime.


2014 Ekiti election is still fresh in the memory

This is coz the election was based on two category

'the umbrella team which initiated the stomach infrastructure'

'and the action group that wanted building on existing structure'


Ekitiketes' stomachs groan for bread and meat

while their souls still search for peace.

But all they seek each time they meet

is how to carve a bigger piece!


Four years of stomach infrastructure was full of melodrama

Yet he planned continuation via his puppet's corner

'April, May & June's wages are left unpaid

3k,4k and 5k.. electorates recieve in grades.


The broom Fc however kept doling out naira notes

for they got with them Buhari's fortune notes.

The greedy ones with open throats

took from both parties and even made some oaths.


Oh yes.. We know how this will end

when each of us stop to pretend

that voters inducement is new in this country,

Only that we failed to tackle it until it got messy.


Curses now whip the change agents

{thieves, clueless, vote buyers, devil's agents} 

as hopeless souls curse the people's general

'may voter's inducement meet its funeral'


There are so many words ripe enough to get spew

These words are full of displeasures, 

For this city is mathematically made for few

people who do nothing but mount unwanted pressures.


If am not allowed to speak

I'd opt for option *write*

For I am tired and sick

of how our leaders keep wronging the right.


This land we trek must be for all

For our heads all touched down on this soil.

This solidarity drum is a clarion call

for sons and daughters of this soil.


Let's stand in one accord

and define our common course.

It's not the time for another discord

but an Era to charting a new course.


If this land is worth dwelling

then I feel it's worth fighting for.

No singular tribe must get us packing

For this is where our skins are made for.




Altar harbours temple Commanders, 

Pews; home of doctrine believers. 

The building ; abode of both 

And the book ; a sign of oath. 




Hey friend, have you heard of the popular saying

that's been for ages without aging?


Try not make common flaws, 

Else, you'd get lashed by inhumane force. 

All you stand to hear next is *Time will tell*

The exact time to tell will be determined by a bell. 


If this time will really tell, 

Do I need to get a bell 

that will ring whenever I misspell 

words that end with L? 


Do I need to get a dell 

before I can re-cell my noncell cartel? 

Should I get a Carmel 

that would convey my message to O'Nell? 


Does it mean the bell

that will tell 

Is still without cell 

Or the owner doesn't want to sell? 


It's high time this slow-paced time tells 

Else, I will make some *yells*


[An Encouraging statement  in verses] 


If the response to your sad story is a mere sorry, 

Why then bother yourself with so much worry? 


Every man to himself with parasitic issues, 

biting more into his tissues. 


Lean not on the Sweet words of Man, 

for his promises are empty like a Flat can. 


Even as you face the situation~think, 

For if you don't,it would only get thick. 


It is not the time to welcome vague sorry, 

But an era to rewrite your own story. 


You have no one to blame for your misfortune

Believing in your abilities would not only bring success, but also fortune. 


The future is not far from where you are, 

So, frets not,then you would discover who you truly are.


Must a day come before a night? 

Must the thunder sound comes after its light? 


Must a downfall come before an uprising? 

Must there not be chiefs since there's no king? 


Must births come after deaths? 

Must there be Shitting only after farts? 

Must babies suck from the tits before they're filled? 

Must darkness wait endlessly till daylights fade? 


Must a pastor visit Jeru before he makes heaven? 

Or an Alfa to mecca before he discovers Aljana haven? 

Must a woman gives birth before she's a mother? 

Or a man with offspring before he's a father? 


Must the pennis not pee since the heart 

Is not yet done with its regular beating? 

Must cubs await the lion's death? 

Must chicks await the hen's passing? 

--- to roar or cluck...... i'm asking 


Did Davido wait for Wizkid passing? 

Should Lilkesh have prayed for Olamide's deminishing? 

Falz is reigning ,is BurnaBoy sleeping? 

Now, would you leave 'I'.. son of OLUGBOYEGA to keep exploring?


If only I was born with a Silver spoon 

I would by now be dancing in the moon 

Evolution would have emerged earlier than soon 

While I only sit, wine and dine at noon. 


But fate brought me this way

And I could only sit and think of a way

out of the wood even as I pray

Hence,while the sun shines;I make hay


Those at the middle only dozed and forget 

But for I was at the extreme-i placed my target

to fly above the Sky just like a rocket 

And never stop basking the success basket. 


It's about time I walk across the stage on my attire

to earn my rewards till I retire.

It appeared miraculous to those that conspire

But to me - this future only played to my heart DESIRE. 


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I'm Benson, but not the ibo boy 

Call me Ómò Yòrubå, and I will embrace you with joy. 

For ìpìnlę Ondo is my state of origin 

I need not trace my origin with a bottle of orijin. 


If I turn left - right, I get misidentified 

that I wonder when I would be re-identified 

Foreign language keep erupting my ear 

so often that I could no longer bear. 


'Kedu' is all I have to listen to 

anytime I stepped out of my cubicle

'Odimma'; this I would echo on the scene 

Even as I elope the stage unseen. 


Ómò Kăăró -O- jììrè Nahim I be 

Mind not the Ndigbo's look on me 

Do not Mistake my skin colour 

For I am Ómò Oduuăh with cultural honour.


I have a tie no one could knot

I got it a year ago from the north

Oh! I mean the deal that ties south and north

No, the one that actually cracked the nut.


I planned to knot my tie at the altar, 

Oh no! My plan was to tie the knot at the altar.

If my flaws prompt you to make ill utter

I swear, I will push you into the gutter.


Don't break this solid tie

for it's not the one you can buy.

If you then decide to break this tie, 

I bet you may eventually die

And your region will only bid you goodbye.


*don't break the tie... Nigeria 🇳🇬 must remain one 1⃣*

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come not for my assess 

For you gat no access 


If you choose to care - less 

I bet, I would make you faceless. 


I'm no parasitic harmless 

So, try take a regress. 


I bet, I could turn to be heartless 

If you pretend to worry - less. 


Every now and then, you feign to be princess 

For you think I am prince - less 


You need not come for my assess 

For my door isn't ajar for your access. 





Open your eyes

and stage a glare at me.

Tell me what you see

A wicked soul or a heart of ice?


Bros.. Take 📴 your shade

and give me a close look

Tell me if I worth your good grade

Or I didn't even deserve a nice look.


Sis... Put a smile at me

For this ibo-look face is soft,

Just like the evening breeze

which comes with no hurt.


Observe my movements Oh Elders. Did my lifestyle make a good story? Has my writings upset the elders? 

My blunt words,in some I do tell a story.


Friends.. take a review of me

Spew it if I am a thorn on people's flesh

Or my words have taken the humor in me.

Guys, let the review be real, so I won't harm more flesh.


Give me a poet's accolade oh people!

before my writing sense turned cripple,

Give me commendation to hasten my pen 🖋

Now - - before it burns out like lighted Aspen.


Give me a poet's criticisms oh critics!

be sensible so it won't result into antics.

Let the corrections be reasonable

enough to bring more ideas to my writing table.


Give to me apostolic preachings oh pastors!

Do not like some ungracious pastors

but show me the gospel way to worship

so I could go 🔙 to God like one lost sheep.


God! Will you give me a poet's place?

Are poets kings or slaves in your palace?

Will my rhymes lead me to your kingdom?

Will my feet be quicken to your palace with a drum?


Lord, will my lines stand and speak for my soul?

My blunt words... Well, in some I do tell people to sow good seeds to your church ⛪

cast me not away,for I need write for the heavenly church.


Mouths are too weak to Comfort 

But from them, malevolent words come forth 

Hands are too short to assist 

Yet, ever long to resist. 


One good turn they say deserves another 

One bad turn deserves what?...i wonder 

If early to bed means early to wake 

I bet LAGOSIANS would need drum to be awake. 


If life is truly predestined 

Are poor souls ill-destined? 

Barren couples ill-fated 

or handicaps less-created? 


I need you to explain to the core 

Reason why I should concur 

to your baseless assertion 

Else, I would hold on to my own version.




Snows were falling in multiple 

Cold was catching the multitude


Kings and queens ; all in their numbers

Bowed before me to take orders


The arrogance in me began to surface

As I sat on the throne to settle their case.


'All hail the king' was the chorus of the day

Even though I never let them have a say.


In an apparel of honour, I stood

to point at those to be booed.


No one dares tag the king a bully

Else he'd be flogged by my ally.


I was to pronounce a judgment when I got a tap

that woke me from my nap.


It was then glare I've been on a trance. 

I closed my eyes so I could re-trance

But the trance never appear coz am up for reality.

If it's a dream ; I mean the activity,

then I prefer it to this reality.


[The chronicle of JOS crisis and aftermath in lines] 


The breeze freezes across the hilling coast, 

Hurrying bizarrely like a bread lacking toast, 

Giving extraterrestrials adequate time to boast 

and ventured into their kingdom like a heartless ghost. 

The atmosphere thereafter became unhealthy and frost, 

While immigrants make things burdensome for the host. 


After sunset comes the evening moon, 

Shinning on an empty land full of doom, 

And a clear voice made a zoom

into million minds as farewell looms. 


But, there emerged a voice of a serene specialist, 

Beseeching the protagonist and  the antagonist, 

Preaching harmonious message like a faithful gospelist, 

And Shunning out franchise exerpts like a unionist 

Who goes around with egalitarian list. 


Oh! there comes a sun after the rubble, 

When everyone could see without going goggle, 

Life then became a living bible 

as enemies of camaraderie began to grumble. 


Serenity in the land was around the corner, 

Just like the cold that comes with the winter, 

which never ceases to function like a new drummer, 

Leaving the peace-martials little to ponder. 


Children are now clinging on their mother's backs, 

Communicating with ease and enthusiasm even in the dark 

The circle of unending Hope became a thing of the past, 

And fortune smiled at the tourist empire at last. 




Gray hair without knowledge 

gives men no prestige. 

Beauty with no cognizance, 

makes women Icons of ignorance. 


A giant cock in the pant, 

does not make a man. 

Neither does a bulbous brassiere slant 

defines a woman.




Lotachukwu, Son of Mbadugha 

Dude with good and warranted manner. 

Year two was our friendship evolution 

And since then, there was never a division. 


The Eastern region is your home 

No wonder you developed a strong bone. 

Meeting you was a long relay 

So long that I still couldn't replay. 


August 23rd is always your day 

It also happened to be King's day 

Coincidence made you bear Kingsley 

So, I ink these stanzas candidly 


Mayor.... I will announce you to the future 

When these rhymes of mine will be scripture 

to the unborn Kings and Queens, unlucky not to witness 

how friends [like me] benefitted from your goodness. 


I will tell them there was a LOTACHUKWU 

Who would dance not with other Dude's Uku 

I will also pen of your penchant for love song 

That sometimes, makes you dream of Hong Kong. 


My brother, a double dioxin isn't enough for me to describe you. It's only good enough to let people have a clue about you. 




 His name is Jeffrey, son of Ilori,

Birthed, watered, buttered, and blended in warri.

You want to know why he's always on the go?

It's coz he's also known as Jago.


Have u you heard of street, swag and Godliness,

Extremely wise, but total meekness,

Or playfully smart and all seasonal bold? Don't think twice, for J. E. F 20-10 is the code.


Listen people and behold!

I've got a friend I could hold

So I won't fall nor stumble

For he's got the needed muscle 💪.


Jago, every now and then,

You display the character of a genuine friend.

What a friend I've got in you,

See! I will tell the world about you. 


Happy birthday bro..... Shine on


IPELE is my home 

A place where hope is actualized

On Eminale's fertile Earth layer 

Where no war ever conquered 



I did not come walking on my feet 

My head came here before me

I claim sonship of this land 

For Èdùmarè formed me



Don't mind my Ibo-look 

I've drank water from the brook 

Where Obálufon hid his hook 

And I've stepped my foot on Olokogun's boot 



Ona-nla was my residential street 

Where I grew to lick the soil's sweet 

For I emanated from this town 

Not by choice but by fate.




 I'm sure heavens were in celebration 

When you were sent on this mission 

to salvage humans with ill health 

And grant them strength to amass wealth. 


Oh yes!  the journey seems thorny 

But one needs taste bitter before honey. 

You've once crawled under a nursing care 

walking round with no ask for fare. 


I will proclaim you OSAZE 

I will tell the world of your medical blaze 

And how the one who drives you here 

was blessed to call you Dear. 


Legends are indeed born in July 

That's a fact with no lie 

Seeing you shine in your calling is a worthy proof 

I need not ink an epistle to stage  better proof. 


I wish I'm by your side 

to listen to your voice inside 

Full of fitter admonition with hope sieve 

DORKAY!! Success you'll surely recieve. 


Happy birthday Doc. 




Spiritual Healing I call her 

But, certified healing she tagged her insta bar. 

I, cool dude always working 

She, pretty gal, Everly talking 

.... two stories crossed, several scenes, one act 

.... chubby lass, always wanting me to re-act 


Your heart was large, and your hands--ever ready to assist 

Sure, in your mouth, solemn words exist. 

Reminiscing on your faceless presence 

I smelled you like incense. 


Yea, you're not perfect 

But the nature of your good had no bracket 

Coz I could count;not one, not two, nor three 

Of how you  planned to expand your benevolence tree. 


Because it's your day Healing 

I write these lines without billing 

So you would know how far I've gone 

In appreciating all that you've done. 


I could call you a rose 

and write you a prose 

of rare affection pure 

And true devotion sure. 


But I chose to call you a clover 

So I could win your heart over 

with my rhymable words 

that pierce like naked swords. 


Happy birthday Healing 



I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.


The MAN  is a creature, created by God, 

The DAY  is an element used in measuring MAN'S  time. 

God made MAN  and the DAY 

MAN and DAY  compliment each other 

MAN makes use of the DAY to count his time 

And the DAY feel appreciated with the existence of MAN 




Elders are concocting brutality 

Worthless aspirants are grabbing opportunity 

Chiefs' tears-- real or spurious? 

-----Other TOWNS call us comedians 


    Áfóbajęs transfer complicity 

    Ödö-Ílu patent conspiracy 



Drunk on her people's apathy 

Ipele staggers to anarchy 

Lawlessness bites with rapid tenacity 

Infects the people with mendacity 


    Áfóbajęs transfer complicity 

    Ódò-Ilù patent conspiracy 



Our custom must not turn to a mere formality 

And illiterate must not be given authority 

How do we now solve this calamity? 

Hmm, may OBAship tussle meet its funeral.

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Choosing my academic career was an issue yet to be addressed,

I know not what to do, but wandered around.

All wasn't well, even while I was well dressed 

In the yellow-over-blue attire of the aged college. 


Gbaganhun--Gbaganhun, the assembly bell sounded. 

Scholars were all at the plain ground

Responding to the chorus of the chapel mistress 

And rejoicing in one-accord for it's MONDAY. 

The first day of the school week. 


Hmmmm, the school "they say is not a place to spur medullas" 

But a place to scribble on abandoned scribbles. 

Solving my career puzzle seems impossible 

Until Mr Olaniyan made himself visible. 


He told me the differences between the trial of brother jero and that of Dedan Khimathi. 

He also told me how Sizwe Banzi changed to  Robert Zwelinzima. 

Even though I had to learn figures of speech

after several plastic ruler landing at the rear of my fingers. 

He made me believe in myself and 

focus on the path of Literature and English Language. 


And then I met Mr Ijawoye 

The man who knows histories as though they all happened in his presence. 

He told me about the Royal Niger Company of 1900

He also told me about Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bombings. 

There, I forgot about physics and Mr James' chemistry and chose to become student of history. 


Mr Samuel [the pastor]  isn't left out. 

The man who made me carry Bible to CRS classes like a new convert. 

He once told me that the church isn't a place to lie to God, 

Nor the mosque a place to curry His favour. 

He taught me how to give a shot of humanity

And that one kind deed, creates amity. 


I could go on and on to describe these super heroes of my career,

But, of which shall I tell you 

Now that you bother to inquire about this endless epistle. 


Dedicated to my secondary school 'English, Government and CRS'  teachers [Mr Kanmi Olaniyan, Ijawoye Oludare and Samuel]


Nigeria's independence; a shackled pretense 

Political leaders concoct bestiality with intense 

Deceiving the masses with speeches of freedom 

But still made us wander in horrendous Kingdom. 


During military era; we cry and wail 

for democracy to come and stay 

But --democracy we see in another dimension 

IPOB now seeks secession. 


Baba-Iyabo did an octave 

and left us inside Naija cave 

Trillions of legal tender --we found inside his purse 

Yet, no one could question, nor raise a curse. 


MUSA came and did a couplet 

Though sermon of incompletion had been preached from onset 

Yet, he made a good arrangement 

Ending Militancy is [sha] an achievement? 


Without the comfort of a shoe 

Uncle JOE came with no clue 

Led motherland to her Golgotha 

And made us cry to the altar. 


Under uncle JOE --billion notes fly like birds 

Yet, the masses sleep without beds 

ODUAH, OKONJO and DIEZANI --all build mansions 

While JOE's PATIENCE would go on to invent grammar versions. 


Electorates clamoured transformation 

But Mr JOE called for second ascension 

No wonder Jega sent him packing 

With card reader's backing. 


All seems very cool 

when SAYbaba surfaced as the missing clue 

Less one reason to worry 

Oh, crown him! Hurry! 


Cattle rearers now walk around with riffle 

In fact, we now have plenty villains to battle 

Ear, throat and memory infection --

All he had, but still led us into recession. 


NIGERIA ambassador --he become in LONDON 

Forgetting he needs salvage us from economic dungeon 

PMB now lacks plenty tact 

Making even OLUBENX to react. 


Alas! Poverty now bites with rabid tenacity 

and infects NIGERIANS with mendacity 

Yet! What is left undone is what is right 

But it's what my pen fears to write. 


Twenty-Nineteen is around the corner 

They would soon come in their numbers 

Begging to have our thumbs on papers 

But later made us live on tatters. 


To every politician glancing over this note 

I bet you can't tear it with sacks of Naira note 

I vow to keep off my thumb if you fail to execute your assignment 

Or, Mr Oyebola Peter, do I need mental realignment? 





Someone just echoed it to me

 that it's democracy day

It sounds strange to me

Coz I feel it should be *Demo of crazy* day.


The day our polithiefcians come out

in their numbers to do some walk out


I feel today should be a lie - free day

But all we'd see will be lie-full day.


Freedom dey will promise

But otherwise we'd see


They once told us they're technocrats

Unknown to us they are kleptocrats.


I see no reason to celebrate democracy day

For it's not democracy, but demo of crazy day.


The oil seems honey 

But bitter, bizarre and corny. 

Mr 'SABIDRIVE'  had some bottles 

Amazingly, he could still man the turtles. 


. . . . .  Ideas keep coming 

. . . . . .But sleep comes calling. 


The ignition makes no noise, but a zoom 

SABI changes gears like one who's awaiting doom. 

Speedometer now runs the test of time 

Unknown to SABI, that's a crime. 


. . . . . .tyres were zapping, pattering and scattering 

. . . . . . passagers were shouting, panting and crying. 


SABI's brain ; quite much in order 

But his eyes ; very much in slumber. 

Eyes ; he closes in a minute 

Heavy gbooom sounded in a bit. 

. . . . . . Change of habitat occurred unplanned 

. . . . . . While lifeless bodies were carried unclad. 


To all Nigerian Drivers who feign deafness in this noisy country. 

ITs BER months;

Don't  drink And Drive nor Drive AND drink. 






I need not buy you August birthday shoe 

Coz, even without the comfort of a shoe, you would lose no clue 

But then, I choose to ink this verse 

So you can always sit and revise. 


MÍGWÔ to MR Austin Odia 

The man that walks across academic walls with no fear 

An awesome personality with great tacts 

of churning out nothing, but academic facts. 


Warri city is your home soil 

There, in the source of crude oil 

You didn't go there on your feet 

Your head touched down before your heart beat. 


Yes!  You're not perfect 

But your level of intellectuality has no defect 

I could then write for ages 

of how you often sound like Socrates. 


I am not intellectually worthy to pen your bio 

 I could only ink of your cameo and take a bow. 

. . . . . . . . .  PROFESSOR SIR! 

Do accept these rhymes of mine 

. . . . . . . . . You May choose to lie on a relaxer 

While you read and take some palm-wine. 


Happy birthday Bro. 

Wish you long life and prosperity. 



I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.
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 Shoulders high were u carried when you won your land the laurel 

And shoulders high you were carried when you answered the clarion call 


Your accolades speak for you, 

Even while you're gone 


There are plethora of mountains 

For your success admirers to climb, 

As you've gone above many. 


You were laid on the terrestrial bed by the whole nation, 

And up-high were you raised by renowned legion. 


Chucks ; the name that rings like bell on blacks minds. 

The mighty Iroko tree that grows and never bend. 

Though, you were chastised while piloting the affairs of the game, 

But your impact is now felt as there is no more idea. 


The Eagles are no long super,but Scatter. 

Even the #Governing body now cries bitter. 


Chucks; A legacy layer and a pace setter, 

The mission isn't accomplished until you make your mark

In Celestial Soccer,and make the sun stand-still


Chucks ; your name is all over the nation's lips, 

Hardly shall we go without keeping it deep. 


Dedicated to : Late Stephen Okechukwu Keshi @TheBigBoss


 I am a poet,

Churning out rhymes is my obligation.

I am always ready and set

to coin words even from mere imagination.


I am a poet,

The one that knows his onus

Which is, putting ink on papers with no fret

And gluing your eyes on reasonable rhymes.


I am a poet,

I'm glad and proud to be.

For when you lie to catch some rest

 I think of what you'd love to see.


You sleep........ I think

You wake........ I write

This poet boy has a brain that think about things people adjudged to be right.


I am a poet,

Crazy one I think?

I've got soft spots for crazy lines. 

No wonder my pen🖋always want to be on papers


I am indeed a poet,

I learn and write from your Joys and sorrows, 

And my experiences become magically crafted words.


I am a poet,

But not a Romantic one

I write fictions, odes, lyrics and satires

And I don't plan backing out anytime soon.